The aim of life is to live, and to live means to be aware, joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware.

Henry Miller

(Beginner’s mind) is the open mind, the attitude that includes both doubt and possibility, the ability to see things always as fresh and new. It is needed in all aspects of life.


Adventures in Mindfulness for Women

For women seeking a more mature group of companions, who do not have a semester of free time in their busy schedules and, most importantly, have made a commitment to the search for meaning in their lives, Bel Camino is designing a special two-week long course intended to begin in the Spring of 2014, titled “An Adventure in Mindfulness”, that will focus on ways to savor every step of life’s journey.

On Week One of the program, a group of women, aged 21 or older, will gather in the rich medieval milieu of Siena, Italy to engage in a variety of traditional Italian arts and crafts, to explore an issue of particular interest to women and to practice yoga.  Throughout the week there will be group discussions as well as talks given by guest speakers on topics like: finding balance, discovering one’s tempo giusto (‘natural rhythm’), living with intention, expanding one’s aesthetic range, etc.

Week Two will consist entirely of a walking pilgrimage through one of the beautiful provinces of central Italy; a true ‘adventure in mindfulness’ and an excellent opportunity to practice ‘walking one’s talk’ by putting the values discussed during the first week into practice.

Deepening awareness and cultivating inner calm, strength and beauty in a light-hearted fashion will be the order of the day!

Groups will be small (no more than 8 to a group, including the leader) in order to nourish esprit de corps and meaningful interchange amongst the group members.  Members may sign up individually or with a group of friends.

Since this course is still very much in the planning stage, we would be very happy to hear your suggestions, especially in regard to the special themes (women in transition, mother & daughters…) that we might address as a group.

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